Meet Dennita and Our Farm Family @ The Red Barn Farm

Welcome to Red Barn Farm, where our passion for education, nature, and animals comes to life. Allow us to introduce you to Dennita, our founder, and the wonderful animals that call our farm home.

Meet Dennita:

Dennita is the heart and soul of Red Barn Farm. With over 23 years of experience in Virginia’s public schools, Dennita’s dedication to education led her to create a unique learning environment where children thrive. As a licensed teacher of English, Special Education, and School Administration, Dennita’s expertise shines through in every aspect of our programs. From designing engaging curriculum to fostering a nurturing atmosphere, Dennita’s vision has transformed Red Barn Farm into a place where learning is fun and meaningful.

Meet Our Farm Family:

At Red Barn Farm, we believe in the power of animal interactions to inspire curiosity and empathy in children. Our farm is home is a forever home to a diverse array of rescued animals, each with their own personality and story to share. From friendly goats and cuddly bunnies to majestic horses and curious chickens, our farm family welcomes visitors with open arms (and paws!).